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Wonderpuss Octopus

August 25, 2014


PJ Linden explores texture fetishism with her intuitively detailed, multilayered barbed strata of 3D fabric paint, acrylic, and latex build up. Linden’s paint gestures bubble with machine-like precision yet remain abstract, reminiscent of patterns found in nature and in global folk art traditions. Controlled hues of technicolor are overlaid to sculpt hybrid animal pelts: Snakeskin, shagreen, and crocodile skin collide with mutations of coral, pearls, candy sprinkles, raindrops, and millefiori. These ‘pelts’ emit a sense of vibration and movement that Linden uses to violate luxury brands, technology, fashion, sex, and the human form. These ‘pelts’ become second-skins – avatars of subject and object. In 2008 PJ Linden formed WONDERPUSS OCTOPUS – a media based process brand reflective of appropriation, pop and anti-art movements.


Happy birthday Smokey.

August 9, 2014


Julianna Brazill

August 8, 2014

Q. What can you tell the people that are reading this about your work?

A. Drawing is my most favorite thing in the whole world. I started drawing in grade school in notebooks instead of taking notes or paying attention, but never really dreamed that I would still have such a strong desire to draw on everything, all the time. I have my Master’s of Fine Art in Ceramics, and while I do still work in the sculptural and functional realms of ceramics, illustration is my true passion. My work focuses on the whimsical parts of life, especially those in my imagination. While I do enjoy drawing from life, and am heavily influenced by narrative comics and biographical graphic novels, my interest lies in the images stewing about in my brain. I’m always striving to find interesting, unusual ways of making work, in order to instill a sense of imaginative play and curiosity within my artistic practice.


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Sticky Monger

July 31, 2014

Joohee Park aka Sticky Monger is a fine artist, illustrator, and freelance animator in NYC. Joohee’s vinyl cut-out installations combine cartoon inspired characters, geometric designs, and surrealism. See more of her amazing work at and find images of her latest installation at Bunny Cutlet Gallery













Please stop “yarn bombing” from ff.

July 24, 2014

It’s gross. It really doesn’t come off as anything but a soggy spider infested mess. We’re all for expressing ourselves, but maybe consider making a sweater for a friend instead. Knit some booties for your nephew. It just doesn’t weather well. Maybe if they produced some gore-tex all-weather yarn or something (actually they do)… If you must “yarn bomb” please stay away from wool yarns since they absorb water, are flammable and can be a home for pests.

And stop covering up trees. We like trees. Bark is nice and pretty. Nature doesn’t need your help. FREE THE TREES

Benjamin Adcroft

July 17, 2014


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This Is Berlin Not New York. Watch the entire film here.

July 16, 2014

This is Not Berlin Not New York from Ethan H. Minsker on Vimeo.


This film will only be up for one year. Please pass it on.

This was the first in a series of films about art, travel and the Antagonist Movement. Look for “The Dolls Of Lisbon” and coming soon “Self Medicated: a film about art”

From Ethan Minsker

Plot Outline:An inspiring look at New York underground artists making art and friends on the other side of the world.
In 2007, ten New York-based artists traveled to Berlin for ten days with one purpose: to experience life artfully. They put on an exhibition in a local gallery, displayed artworks on the street, transformed an abandoned building into an original work of art, and connected with Berlin artists.
In this film. Arturo Vega (artistic director for the Ramones), Ted Riederer (exhibited at PS 1 Contemporary Art Center), Ethan H. Minsker (founding member of the Antagonist Art Movement), Richard Allen, Brett Farkas, James Rubio, Un Lee, and Crispy T.
Screenplay By:Ethan H. Minsker Directed By:Ethan H. Minsker
Produced By:Antagonist Movement.
“Original musical scores and animated artwork definitely enhance this provocative examination of western contemporary art and the ongoing tension between commercialism and creativity for its own sake.” – Juxtapoz Art & Culture Magazine

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